Thanks you USA!

This page to thanks all the people i met in the States ! My stay was amazing thanks to you! I have so many memories about these 19 months spent in the USA!


Thanks to all my colleagues I have worked with during this crazy project, hoping we will kept in touch in the future. It will be difficult to list all of you but I m thinking of all the Houston and Freeport plant!  David, Waqas, Gabby, Brett, Alene, Debrah, Lisa, Eric, Norma, Shane, Laura, Don , Anita,Diane,Brenda...


Special thanks to Matt for his welcome! I still want to climb the stack of the plant!


Thanks to Raphael and his family.


Thanks to Joe and Ria , with I had pleasure to speak french !


Thansk to all the people I met in Houston, sharing many time in town , Rice Village or downtown! Arnaud, other expatriate, Rita, and people from the french meetup.


Thanks to my friend,roommate and coworker Fabrice , for all the times we shared in our outdoors activities, visiting the states, and partying in Houston  :))


Thanks to Kevin in Chicago, was very fun time!


Thanks to Stephanie for her visit of Philadelphia and the opportunities I got to meet other expatriates.


Thanks to Megan for the Poconos visit!


Many many thanks to my Friend Benoit living in Aspen (and Nougat his dog!). Such a great time , so fun flying over the colorado or skiing in this country! Never seen so many snow. Jacuzzi was very nice after skiing! Need to come back visit u !


Thanks to all the people I have shared time in canyons or skiing. Mainly Rich, Tom, Bruno,Gilles...


Annnnnnnnnd very special thanks to my Family ! They came over to visit me and we had very great time in the National parks of the west, and in Louisiana!

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