Rando Yosemite (Californie)

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Camping at Wanona, inside the Park. Friday, vista point at Glacier point to see the sunset on the Yosemite valley and the half dome.

Saturday: Hike to the Half Dome with Fabrice and Sandrine, starting at 5 am in order to have the shade during the hike (Mist trail). Beautiful pines forest before to reach the rim allowing to climb on the Half Dome. The last section is equipped with cable, but it is not really a via ferrata. Awesome view on all the Yosemite Park .

On the way back, stops at Nevada falls and Vernal fall. These two, are spectacular with a very huge level of water (spring water).

 Back to Yosemite village and direction to Hogdgon Meadows camping.

 Sunday: Tiogas pass with the car, Snow still present above 8000 feet.

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